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Bitcoin Miami 2023 1&1 Project

1&1? Ordinal?

Best of physical and digital worlds – A 12″ X 12″ color print and a digital ordinal that tracks chain of custody of the art. An ordinal is an NFT that lives on the Bitcoin blockchain – it is a one of a kind registration of the digital art forever listed on the blockchain.

Art Shop

Buy the art online or come to the conference and buy a 1&1 (a 12×12 print and a digital ordinal NFT).


We’re at the Bitcoin Miami 2023 conference at booth 117 in the Bazaar, part of the SCETA initiatives from May 18-20.

Featured Artwork

Bitcoin Miami 2023 #20 – Ordinal 1665623

Bitcoin Miami 2023 #5 – Ordinal 1671766


About Chucktown NFT

Exploring digital and physical 1&1 art with @BrewsBitcoin

Chucktown NFT

Charleston, SC